"When you play football together, you suddenly forget where you're from. If you win, you
celebrate together, if you lose, you commiserate together.“
Oussman Kofia is very active in street footbal. His club is called Buntkicktgut which means
something like multicoloured kicks well. It's a 15 year old Munich project for young people
from a diverse range of cultures - the more colourful, the better. The idea came from
working with refugee children. Football has always brought people together.
Oton Rüdiger Heid – Manager of Buntkicktgut
"Street football is the football of the masses, the football that's played by kids, young
people and adults in the streets, on the squares and in courtyards, and it developed a
system, with rules, in which young people got involved."
In Germany, street football serves as a common language, which make it easier to break
down cultural and linguistic barriers. A nationwide network of initiatives uses football in
their work against violence, and to promote cultural integration. The special thing about
Buntkicktgut is the league table, which the kids have to organize themselves. Here they
learn lessons that will help them for the rest of their lives.
Oton Oussman Kofia, Mina Meiwand:
„You learn to organize yourselves."
„To respect, other countries and culture.“
„Above all, fairplay.“
„Willingness to help, even if someone fouls, not to argue without resolving the problem, to
talk about it, and find a joint solution."
The kids from Buntkicktgut come from countries all over the world. Together they organize
street football championships like here in Munich, they publish a soccer magazine, and
dance to the same music together. And of course they aspire to soccer stardom:
Oton Rüdiger Heid – Manager of Buntkicktgut
„Many of them reveal their talent here, then they're seleceted to be part of a talent
promotion programm, and as part of that they work together closely with FC Bayern and
other clubs."
Even if a few of them show real star quality, the main goal of Germany's street football
projects like buntkickgut is to get people from all cultures in Germany to get along with
each other and not take themselves too seriously.
„Black is talented, white is talented, but multicoloured is the most talented."